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Horns Helping Horns

August 2016, Campus Carry will be active. This project was finding solutions for the laws that will be active. I developed Horns Helping Horns to diffuse issues of anxiety and gun violence before they could form. The more I researched that many of mass shootings each year, the shooter often appears normal to family and friends and does not always have the stigma “the shooter with a mental disorder and prefers solitude.” Once I read on how many of these attacks were planned for years and their family and friends thought they were joking, that is where my idea formed. A program that people want to participate that they can talk about their stressors, and the mentor can pick up if there are any red flags where someone needs extra assistance or just someone to listen to them. I thought that the design of the matching website I created was inviting and would get students to participate easily. In high school I had a mentor who taught and helped me and she is now one of my dear friends. I wanted to push this positive experience and draw people in. I researched also many of the natural ways to reduce anxiety and that is how I formed the Horns Helping Horns Center.